38. Your favorite translated book that deserves more attention?

Please share your favorite translated work that isn't as well-known as it should be and deserves more attention. And what small step could you perhaps take to bring more attention to it? Also, read recommendations from other readers, writers, and translators about their favorite translated works that are still relatively unknown.

35. ‘The 100’: a Practice for Writers and Translators

I get asked often about how I manage all my reading and writing. Honestly, even with all the reading and writing I do for the workshops I teach, Desi Books, book-reviewing, work-in-progress translation, and work-in-progress novel, I'm not always able to fill my personal tank. This practice of 'The 100' is mostly about filling our personal tanks and cultivating a more disciplined and sustainable practice of reading, writing, and translating. And, as we all do, I've sometimes fallen off the wagon but I always get back on.