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  1. India Currents | “The Magical Stories of Gujarati Writer Dhumketu.” Review by Rajesh C. Oza. December 2022.
  2. Asian Review of Books | “The Shehnai Virtuoso and Other Stories” by Dhumketu. Review by Jane Wallace. October 2022.
  3. Khabar Magazine | Stories Imbued with the Music of Poetry. Review by Dr. Rajesh C. Oza. October 2022.
  4. The Complete Review | The Shehnai Virtuoso by Dhumketu. Review by Michael A. Orthofer. September 2022.
  5. Words Without Borders | Dhumketu’s “Shehnai Virtuoso”: Exquisite Nuance from a Giant of Letters. Review by Rishi Reddi. August 2022.
  6. roughghosts | A storyteller from Gujarat arrives: The Shehnai Virtuoso by Dhumketu. Review by Joseph Schreiber. July 2022.
  7. Asymptote Journal | Review by Andrea Blatz. July 2022.
  8. Publishers Weekly | Review. June 2022.
  9. Kirkus Reviews | Review. June 2022.


  1. India Currents | “A Privilege And An Honor” To Translate Gujarati Writer Dhumketu: Exclusive Interview With Jenny Bhatt. Interview by Rajesh C. Oza. December 2022.
  2. Dallas Morning News | This Dallas author is shining a light on Desi authors from around the globe. Interview by Joyce Sáenz Harris. November 2022.
  3. Speaking Tongues Podcast | Speaking Gujarati. Interview by Elle Charisse. September 2022.
  4. Indiaspora | Q&A for The Shehnai Virtuoso and Other Stories by Dhumketu (tr. Jenny Bhatt.) September 2022.
  5. Five Books | The Best South Asian Novels in Translation recommended by Jenny Bhatt. Interviewed by Cal Flyn. August 2022.
  6. Oldster Magazine | This is (Almost) 50: Jenny Bhatt Responds to The Oldster Magazine Questionnaire. Interview by Sari Botton. July 2022.
  7. Los Angeles Review of Books | “Writing Is About Connection”: A Conversation with Jenny Bhatt. Interview by Suhasini Patni. July 2022.


  1. Asian Review of Books | 2022: The Year in Translation from South and Southeast Asia. January 2023.
  2. CLMP | Fiction of 2022. December 2022.
  3. World Literature Today | World Literature Today’s 75 Notable Translations of 2022. December 2022.
  4. World Literature Today | Making the Old New. November 2022.
  5. India Currents | SALA 2022 was a confluence of art and literature featuring a dazzling array of writers, poets, and artists from the subcontinent. November 2022.
  6. Seema Magazine | Five Translators to Read. September 2022.
  7. BombayReads | The Shehnai Virtuoso & Other Stories by Dhumketu. July 2022.
  8. Himalayan Writing Retreat Blog | 31 Top Book Translators in Indian Languages. July 2022.


  1. Translators Aloud | ‘The Shehnai Virtuoso’, an audio excerpt from The Shehnai Virtuoso and Other Stories by Dhumketu, translated by Jenny Bhatt. November 2022.
  2. Asian Review of Books | “Light and Shade”, a short story from “The Shehnai Virtuoso and Other Stories” by Dhumketu, translated by Jenny Bhatt. October 2022.
  3. Literary Hub | Breaking Down the Translation Pyramid: On Translating Dhumketu’s Pioneering Short Stories from Gujarati. (excerpt from the book’s introduction.) August 2022.
  4. Asymptote Journal | ‘Nameless’ by Dhumketu. Translated from Gujarati to English. July 2021. [NOTE: This story was accidentally left out of the book due to a translator oversight.]


  1. D Magazine | Fill Your Summer With Books by North Texas Authors. August 2022.
  2. CLMP | Books Launching in July 2022.
  3. Lone Star Literary Life | July 2022 Texas Book Preview
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  1. The Writer | Getting to know desi literature. Interview by Yi Shun Lai. June 2022.
  2. Bookriot | Is there such a thing as a reliable narrator? In conversation with Stacey Lee Megally. April 2022.
  3. Bookriot | Launching a Book During a Pandemic: Authors on Pivoting, Promoting, and Perspective. Interview by Stacey Megally. October 2021.
  4. The Creative Process Podcast | Interviewed by Mia Funk and Diya Basu. July 2021.
  5. Seema Magazine | Author Jenny Bhatt Is Testing New Waters. June 2021.
  6. rob mclennan’s blog | 12 or 20 Questions with Jenny Bhatt. May 2021.
  7. Jaggery Lit | Drunk on Ink Q & A with Jenny Bhatt. Interviewed by Soniah Kamal. April 2021.
  8. Shoutout DFW | Meet Jenny Bhatt | Writer; Literary Translator; Literary Critic; Podcast Host (Desi Books); Writing Instructor (Writing Workshops Dallas). April 2021.
  9. The Cardamom Pod | ‘Book Talking’ with podcast host and Kajal Magazine editor-in-chief and founder, Nadya Agrawal. February 2021.
  10. Khabar Magazine | Talk Time: Desi Author and Advocate with Reetika Khanna. February 2021.
  11. Asian Books Blog | Contemporary Voices: Elaine Chiew Chats with Jenny Bhatt, Author of Each of Us Killers. January 2021.
  12. Bloom Site | Interview with Shoba Viswanathan: ‘Writing Beyond Saris and Slums’. December 2020.
  13. This Podcast Will Change Your Life | Interview with Ben Tanzer. December 2020.
  14. Advice to Writers | Interview with Jon Winokur. December 2020.
  15. Columbia Journal | Interview by Shalvi Shah: ‘On Intersectional Character Dynamics & Subverting their Tropes: An Interview with Jenny Bhatt’. November 2020.
  16. Platform Magazine | Interview with Nidhi Verma. Platform Magazine. November 2020.
  17. | Interview with Urvashi Bahuguna: A debut can happen at any age. Coming late to publishing doesn’t mean coming late to writing.’ November 2020.
  18. Electric Literature | Interview with Harsimran Gill: How Much Does Your Job Shape Your Identity? October 2020.
  19. Book Q&A with Deborah Kalb | Interview with Deborah Kalb. October 2020.
  20. PEN America | The PEN Ten Interview with Jared Jackson. October 2020.
  21. The Southeast Review | Interview with Aram Mrjoian. October 2020.
  22. Asian America Podcast | Interview with Ken Fong. September 2020.
  23. The Rumpus | Interview with Madhushree Ghosh: ‘Always the Story First.’ September 2020.
  24. BOMB Magazine | Interview with Anjali Enjeti: ‘Older People Do Reinvent Themselves.’ September 2020.
  25. Writer’s Digest | Interview with Cassandra Lipp: ‘Breaking In: Debut Authors: How They Did It; What They Learned; and Why You Can Do It Too.’ September 2020. (excerpt with permission: Page 1, Page 2)
  26. Maudlin House | Interview with Jaya Wagle: ‘We Avoid Stereotypes by Making Characters More Complex.’ September 2020.
  27. Fierce Womxn Writing Podcast | Interview with Sara Gallagher. September 2020.
  28. City Lights Bookstore | 5 Questions with Jenny Bhatt, Author of Each of Us Killers. September 2020.
  29. Debutiful | Interview with Adam Vitcavage: ‘Jenny Bhatt Wants to Read Every Culture’s Story.’ September 2020.
  30. The Other Stories Podcast | Interview with Ilana Masad; Episode 261 – “Disappointment” by Jenny Bhatt. September 2020.
  31. Rewire News | Interview with Sarah Neilson: ‘What Does It Mean to Be a Black or Brown Person at Work?’ September 2020.
  32. South Asian Avant-Garde Anthology (SAAG) | Video Interview with Kamil Ahsan. September 2020.
  33. Writing Workshops Dallas | Video Interview with Danielle Morvan. August 2020.
  1. Kenyon Review | Summer Reading: KR Recommends. June 2021.
  2. Seema Network | ‘5 of the Best Books of 2020 by South Asian Women’ by Meher Manda. January 2021.
  3. Buzzfeed Books | ‘These Are the Best Book Covers of 2020’ (cover design: Harshad Marathe.) December 2020.
  4. Dhaka Tribune | ‘2020: The Year in Books’. December 2020.
  5. BOMB Magazine | ‘The Intimate Suggests the Epic: A Year in Small Press and Indie Publications’. December 2020.
  6. Largehearted Boy | ‘Favorite Short Story Collections of 2020’ by David Gutowski. December 2020.
  7. Book Riot | ’10 Short Story Collections by Asian Authors Released in 2020′ by Stacey Megally. December 2020.
  8. Bustle Magazine | The Best Short Story Collections of 2020, From ‘Daddy’ to ‘Verge’. October 2020.
  9. The National Book Review | 5 Hot Books. September 2020.
  10. Bloom | FIVE in BLOOM: Latter-Year Reads. September 2020.
  11. The Millions | Tuesday New Release Day: Starring Nunez, Rankine, Bhatt, and More. September 2020.
  12. Bustle Magazine | The Best New Books Out The Week Of September 7. September 2020.
  13. Bustle Magazine | 26 Most Anticipated Books of September 2020. September 2020.
  14. Ms. Magazine | September 2020 Reads for the Rest of Us. September 2020.
  15. Picture Book | New Books Out September 8th. September 2020.
  16. The Millions | September Preview: The Millions Most Anticipated (This Month). September 2020.
  17. Debutiful | 6 Debut Books You Should Read This September. September 2020.
  18. Kirkus Reviews | Fall Preview: Must-Read Story Collections. August 2020.
  19. Entropy Magazine | August and September: Small Press Releases. August 2020.
  20. The Millions | Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2020 Book Preview. July 2020.
  21. Literary Hub | Lit Hub’s Most Anticipated Books of 2020, Part 2. July 2020.
  22. Electric Literature | The Most Anticipated Debuts of the Second Half of 2020. June 2020.
  23. Big Other | Big Other’s Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2020. January 2020.
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For latest publications, please click here. For news/press about Desi Books, please click here. To contact about an interview or feature, please message here. Click below for news and interviews related to specific books. Media folks: please find a complete press kit here.

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  1. CUNY Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism | Solo Creators Case Studies. by Ambreen Ali and Krystal Knapp. November 2022.
  2. Huffington Post India | Interview with Saudamini Jain: ‘Can Single Women In Indian Books Live Happily Ever After’. January 2020.
  3. ShethePeople India | Interview with Archana Pai Kulkarni: ‘My Reading Habit: Once I Commit to a Book, I’m All In’. June 2019.
  4. Literary Hub Book Marks | ‘Secrets of the Book Critics’ Series. September 2018.
  5. Hofstra’s Windmill Journal | ‘Great Writers and What They’re Reading’ Series. May 2017.
  6. Amazon’s Day One Literary Journal | Interview with the Editor about ‘The Golden Amulet’ December 2016.
  7. WPKN Tidings with Hazel Kahan Podcast | Interview with Hazel Kahan on ‘Writing Letters (Part I)’. March 2014.
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