Communication as a Miracle of Translation (and Some Interesting Links)

SEPTEMBER 05, 2022: Here’s a set of links to translation-related essays, interviews, podcasts, virtual events, submission calls, and more to start the working week.

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Dear Reader,

In my last newsletter, I’d mentioned a housekeeping change related to the weekly links roundup and how this will be separate from the Friday newsletters. Several of you had shared feedback about preferring the links roundup separately so that you could focus on the Friday topical deep dives. So I plan to send this roundup on Mondays (before noon if it’s not a US public holiday like today) as food for thought to start our working week. And I’ll close with a translation or language-related quote or poem. This week, we have a quote from Ken Liu’s The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories. Liu, of course, is also a literary translator.

READ: Translator Alta L. Price discusses translating identity politics, ambiguity, and diverging Englishes in this Words Without Borders interview with Jaeyeon Yoo on Price’s latest German-to-English translation of Mithu Sanyal’s novel, Identitti.

READ: Aina Marti-Balcells and Bibiana Mas, the founders of the new publishing houses Héloïse Books and 3TimesRebel Press, talk with Words Without Borders about publishing only women writers in ‘An Interview with Two New Publishers of Women in Translation.’

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READ: Ed Simon discusses the history of errors, typos, mistakes, etc. in literary texts at The Millions in ‘How Many Errorrs Are in This Essay?

READ: The National Translation Month is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. They’ve provided a list of 30 ways to celebrate NTM.

READ: This is a great Twitter thread from translator Tim Gutteridge on the five emotional stages of finding the correct word/phrase in translation.

LISTEN: Translators Andrew Way Leong, Bruna Dantas Lobato, Robin Myers, and Magdalena Edwards discuss the Art of Translation on a panel at this summer’s LITLIT Festival.

WATCH: Catherine Fuller of the Society of Authors and Julia Sanches, author of the Authors Guild’s translators model contract, provide hands-on advice about translators’ rights and obligations in this virtual conversation, which was part of Bristol Translates 2022, the literary translation summer school.

ATTEND: Every International Translation Day (ITD – 30 September), English PEN hosts a programme of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities for literary translators. This year, the first day will be in person and the second will be entirely virtual. Details here.

APPLY: The Oxford Anthology of Translation (OAT) is looking to fill positions for language editors, copyeditors, social media managers, event organizers, and more ahead of its upcoming call for submissions for its second issue. Details here.

SUBMIT: Catapult has provided a list of Funding Opportunities for Writing and Publishing Translation with approaching deadlines.

SUBMIT: The Stinging Fly has announced its second annual New Translator’s Bursary for short story translations from any Asian language into English from new and emerging translators who have not yet published a book in translation.

Please feel free to share these links (I’d appreciate it if you could credit this newsletter as the source.) And if you’ve got an upcoming essay, interview, or event you’d like me to include, you can send it via my contact page. I’ll try to include as many as I can.

Thanks for reading. This newsletter is a free publication. The best way to show your appreciation is to buy/review my books or hire me for literary events.

Until next week.

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