About Jenny Bhatt

Indian American author, literary translator, book critic, creative writing instructor, and founder of We Are All Translators and Historical Fiction Craft Notes. Ph.D. (literature) student at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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Bio (informal)

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A few more professional hats I’ve worn: teacher, saleswoman, waitress, nightclub doorwoman (yes, really), bartender, engineer, marketing executive, management consulting executive, financial advisor, yoga instructor, podcaster, digital media startup founder, and literary editor.

My twenties and thirties were about the immigrant hustle: leaving India, living and working across five countries, thirteen cities, and sixteen homes.

My forties were about the writing and translating hustle: leaving my Silicon Valley career, running four fairly popular digital magazines (two of them concurrently), publishing three critically-acclaimed books (two of them in the same year, on different continents), publishing 100+ bylines at venues like NPR and The Washington Post, teaching creative writing workshops, getting married, becoming a dog mommy, and—yes, wait for it—living and working across two countries, five cities, and six homes.

I hope my fifties will involve less moving and more books. To that end, I’m starting a five-year Ph.D. program in literature and translation studies at the University of Texas, Dallas, in Fall 2023.

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